Ways to use Convas.

From feature request tracking to public product roadmap, Convas is the simple and powerful to make it all fun to manage.

Feature Voting tool

Know which features are the most important to your customers and which customer cares about which feature. Use feature voting to take the guesswork out of your feature prioritization.

Feature request tracking

Keep track of all incoming feature requests and understand what your customers want.

Product update announcement

Give your users a great experience by letting them know when you have launched an update or feature that they have asked for.

Public product roadmap

Share your product roadmap publicly to show customers, prospects and stakeholders what you're working on.

Customer feedback tool

Gather all your customer feedback in one place, understand your customers, build the right features, and keep your customers engaged.

Idea management

Gather all the ideas from your customers and team members in one place to drive innovation.

Build better products and customer relationships.

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