Use Case

Internal feedback tool

Use an internal feedback page to gather ideas and feedback from your team. Password protection let's you keep your feedback page and roadmap private.

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Have a dedicated place for your team to share ideas & feedback

Show your team that you value their ideas and feedback by having a dedicated place to gather their feedback. Your team can share, upvote and discuss ideas and feedback. You decide who has access to the page by using password protection.

Don't miss important feedback

Give your team an easy way to share their ideas about the product and see which ideas and feedback are the most popular in the team. Don't miss the ideas and feedback coming from the people that spend the most time working on the product.

Keep your team in the loop on product updates

Share the product roadmap with your team so that everyone is kept in the loop and knows what product improvements and features are planned, in progress and completed. Let your team know when a specific idea or feature that they shared or voted for has been launched by automatically sending them an email.