How to manage your customer feedback using Convas

Close the customer feedback loop for better products & happier customers.

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Step 1
Gather customer feedback
  • Sign up and we will create your feedback page for you.
  • Share the feedback page with your customers and team members. Add links to your feedback page from your homepage, product pages and customer emails.
  • You can also use our widget to gather feedback without your customers leaving your site.
Feedback Page
Step 2
Analyze & prioritize your product feedback
  • Get an overview of all your product feedback and get organized using tags.
  • Prioritize your product feedback using feature voting. Know which features are the most important to your customers and which customers care about.
  • Find out details about the feedback & validate your ideas directly with your customers.
Feedback Page
Step 3
Plan & share your product roadmap
  • Prioritize your roadmap based on data about what your customers actually want.
  • Share your roadmap with your customers to show them what you're working on and communicate upcoming features.
  • Show your customers that you're taking action based on their feedback.
Feedback Page
Step 4
Keep your customers in the loop
  • Automatically send emails to let your customers know when you launch something that they have asked for.
  • Your customers will love receiving these updates.