How to manage your product feedback using Convas

1. Create a feedback page

Sign up and we will create your feedback page for you with your company name, see for what it could look like.
Feedback page

2. Share the feedback page

Share the feedback page with your customers and team members. Some companies add links to their feedback page from their homepage, product pages and email signatures.
Give us feedback

3. Gather feedback

It's easy for your customers and team members to add their feedback on the page. They can also upvote and comment on other users feedback. This allows you to gather and consolidate feedback both from customers and other team members such as sales and customer success in one place.

4. Prioritize feedback

See which feedback that is most important for your customers based on number of upvotes and comments. Engage your customers by commenting on their suggestions, asking for details and responding to questions.

5. Keep customers engaged

Keep your customers updated, and hopefully happy, by updating the status of their feedback post, for example by updating the status to "In Progress".
In Progress
Set Status
Build better products and customer relationships.

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