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Convas gives you the confidence that your customers are informed and that every feature request is organized, so that you can focus on building better products.

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Feedback Page

Gather all feedback from your customers and team members on one page.

Product feedback page where customers can share, discuss and upvote feature requests.

Feedback post

Customers and colleagues add their feedback.

Feature voting

Customers upvote the features that matter the most to them.


Dicuss feedback and feature requests with customers and colleagues.


Add your company logo to the page.

Custom Domain

Use your company domain name.

Edit and delete posts

Company users can edit and delete posts.

Multiple boards

Set up separate boards for separate products or for different types of feedback.

Private feedback page

Choose whether you want your feedback page to be private or public.

Post & vote for others

Add and upvote feedback on behalf of someone else.

Internal comments

Discuss feedback posts & ideas internally with your team.

Post moderation

Review feedback posts before they are published.

Anonymous voting

Allow users to vote without registering.


Use tags to organize your feedback.

Product Roadmap

Show your customers and stakeholders what you're working on.

Product feedback page where customers can share, discuss and upvote feature requests.

Status updates

Keep customers informed of the status of their feedback.

Notify users

Let your customers know when you ship something they have asked for.


Keep a list of recent product updates.

Customer Feedback Widget

Gather product feedback without your customers leaving your site.

Customer Feedback Widget example


Your customers can share their feedback while using your product.

Product Roadmap

Share your roadmap without your customers leaving your product.