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Feature voting tool

Know which features are the most important to your customers and which customers care about which features. Use feature voting to take the guesswork out of your feature prioritization.

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Know what matters most to your customers

With feature voting, your customers vote for the features and feedback that they care the most about. The features with the most votes are shown on the top of your list of requested features. This means that you will always have an up-to-date list of what your customers want.

Know which customers care about which features

See which customers are voting for which product feature and know what each customer cares about. If you have more than one customer segment, you can see what's important to each segment. Or do you have particularly important customers? Find out what they care about by checking their votes, feature requests, and comments.

Prioritize your product roadmap based on data

Use the number of upvotes that a feature receives and information about which customers are voting for the feature as input to your product roadmap prioritization. Combine this with other data points, such as effort to develop the feature, to make the right product decisions. Product roadmap voting helps you prioritize based on data.

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