Use Case

Product update announcements

Give your users a great experience by automatically letting them know when you have launched an update or feature that they have asked for.

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Make your product updates relevant & personal

Announce your product updates by automatically sending an email to users that have asked for or upvoted a specific update or feature. Let them know when you start working on something and when you have launched it. By making your product updates relevant & personal, you show your customers that you value them and you avoid spamming them with generic updates.

Give your users a great experience

Imagine that you ask for a specific feature or improvement in a product that you use and then receive an email when the company has launched that feature. Now that's a great experience! And your customers will love getting these updates. It shows them that you listen to their feedback and take action. This is something that way too few companies do, use it to stand out from the crowd.

How it works

Your customers share and upvote feature request on your Convas feedback page. When you change the status of that feature request, say from In Progress to Complete, an email is automatically sent to the users that have posted the request, upvoted it, or commented on it. Your customers are kept up to date with personal emails that are relevant to them.

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