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Product feedback tool

Everything you need to manage your product feedback. Gather all your customer feedback & feature requests in one place, get closer to your customers, prioritize your roadmap, and keep your customers in the loop with automatic product updates.

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Gather all your product feedback in one place

Tired of keeping track of product feedback in a spreadsheet? More and more incoming feature requests? Get organized and gather all your product feedback in one place using Convas. Don't miss any more important feedback from your customers.

Get closer to your customers

Know what features are the most important to your customers. And perhaps even more important, know which customers care about which features. Discuss feedback directly with the customers that are sharing it. Understand your customers and what they care about.

Prioritize your product roadmap

For each feature request, see how many of your customers are requesting it, who has requested it, and details of what they are asking for. Use feature voting to take the guesswork out of your roadmap prioritization and tags to organize your feedback. Discuss your solutions with your team using internal comments. Finally, validate your ideas directly with your customers to make sure you are building the right features.

Keep your customers and team up to date

Share your roadmap to let your customers and team know what you are working on and to communicate upcoming features. Send automatic emails to let your customers know that you have launched something that they have asked for 🚀.

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