Use Case

Feature request tool

Keep track of all your feature requests. Know which features are the most important to your customers, which customers care about what, and use it to prioritize your roadmap.

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Stay on top of incoming feature requests

Gather and prioritize all your feature requests from customers and team members in one place. Make it easy for your customers to give you feedback. Get rid of messy spreadsheets, emails and Slack messages. Don't let requests slip through the cracks.

Know which features are the most important to your customers

Keep track of which customer requested which feature and see which features get the most upvotes and engagement (read more about feature voting). Always have an updated view of what your customers are asking for and what matters most to them. Use this to prioritize your roadmap.

Understand what your customers are really asking for

Communicate directly with the customers that are asking for a certain feature to find out details and validate your ideas. Reply directly to feature requests to show your customers that you are listening to their feedback. Give your customers a great experience and close the feedback loop by automatically letting them know when you launch a feature that they have asked for.

Read more about how to track and manage feature requests.