Customer feedback widget - Gather feedback directly from your website

Use our widget to gather feedback from your customers without them leaving your site or app. Your customers can share their feedback or check out your roadmap while using your product.

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Customer feedback widget
How it works
Use the widget to manage your customer feedback loop in 4 simple steps

1. Gather customer feedback

Your customers share their feedback using the widget without leaving your site or app.

2. Analyze & prioritize the feedback

All customer feedback is gathered on your feedback page. Get an overview of all your product feedback. Get organized using tags and prioritize using feature voting.

3. Plan & share your product roadmap

Use the widget to share your roadmap with your customers without them leaving your site or app.

4. Keep your customers in the loop

Automatically send emails to let your customers know when you launch something that they have asked for.

<!-- Convas SDK - Embed on your site -->
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  window._convas_sdk('init', {
    widget: {
      convasSlug: 'APP_ID',
      enabled: true,
      showLauncher: true
Getting started
Easy to install
The widget is easy to set up. You can embed it into any web site or application. Just add a code snippet to the pages you want to display the widget. Documentation for how to install the widget.
And everything else you need to manage your customer feedback
The widget comes with the full Convas functionality - all the features you need to stay on top of customer feedback.

Feedback page

Customer Feedback page
Gather and organize all your customer feedback in one place.

Product roadmap

Product Roadmap
Show your customers what you're working on & send automatic product updates.