Intercom Integration

With the Intercom integration you can easily collect feedback from your conversations and share feedback posts with your customers without leaving the Intercom Inbox.

Install Convas for Intercom

First install Convas from the Intercom App Store.

Then you will have to connect Convas account to Intercom. Go to your Intercom setting page and connect your Intercom account. That’s it! Now you can start using Convas with Intercom.

Using Convas for Intercom

When you are having conversations with customers in the Intercom Inbox, you are now able to collect the customers feedback to Convas by either creating a new feedback post or searching for an existing feedback post to upvote on behalf of your customer.

1. Open Convas in Intercom

Click the Convas icon in the Inbox toolbar to open Convas for Intercom.

​If the Convas icon is not visible, click the "Add an App" button and then select Convas.

2. Create a new post OR search for existing feedback posts

From here, you can decide if you want to search for a post or create a new one.

If you search and select an existing feedback post a vote will be added to that post on behalf of the customer.

3. Share the Convas feedback post in the conversation

Once you have created or selected a feedback post, the feedback link with preview will be added in your message compose box so you can easily share it with your customer. If you would rather keep it private, just delete the feedback link in the message compose box.

Done! You have successfully collected feedback to Convas from the Intercom Inbox.