A better way to work with product feedback.

Convas is a feedback page for your company. Gather & prioritize all your feature requests in one place, build the right features, and keep your customers up to date.
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Feedback page
Gather all your feedback in one place
Gather feature requests from customers and team members in one place. Get rid of messy spreadsheets, emails and Slack messages.

Understand your customers

Your customers can share, discuss and upvote feedback and features. Know which features matter the most to your customers, and which customers care about which feature. Use comments to discuss features directly with your customers.
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Build the right features

See what features get the most upvotes and engagement. Validate feature ideas with your customers. Use feature voting to take the guesswork out of your feature prioritization.
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Keep your customers and team up to date

Share your roadmap with your customers and team to show them what you're working on. Send product updates and notify them when you launch something that they have asked for. 🚀
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Build better products and customer relationships.

14 days free trial • No credit card required • Cancel any time