Better Products. Happier Customers. Perfect for your SaaS or startup.

Convas helps SaaS & startups gather and prioritize customer feedback to build better products. Get visibility into what will move the needle for your customers and keep them in the loop.

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Feedback page

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Everything you need to manage your customer feedback.
Struggling to keep track of customer feedback and keeping your customers in the loop on your product development? We have you covered.
Why Convas
Build better products

Keep track of your feature requests

Stay on top of incoming product feedback and feature requests. Get rid of your messy spreadsheet.

Build the right features

Analyze your feedback and use feature voting to take the guesswork out of your product roadmap prioritization. Validate ideas directly with your customers.

Customer feedback voting
Happier customers

Keep your customers and team up to date

Automatically let your customers know when you launch something that they have asked for. Share your roadmap to keep everyone in the loop.

Get closer to your customers

Know which features matter the most to your customers, and which customers care about what. Your customers will feel valued and heard.

Customer feedback comments
How it works
Manage your customer feedback loop in 4 simple steps

1. Gather customer feedback

Share your feedback page with your customers or use our widget to gather feedback.

2. Analyze & prioritize the feedback

Get an overview of all your product feedback. Get organized using tags and prioritize using feature voting.

3. Plan & share your product roadmap

Share your roadmap with your customers to show them what you're working on.

4. Keep your customers in the loop

Automatically send emails to let your customers know when you launch something that they have asked for.