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Product update: anonymous voting, internal comments & post moderation

Internal comments on feedback posts
Helena Ahlström
Helena Ahlström

We have released three new features:

  • Anonymous voting
  • Internal comments
  • Post moderation

Anonymous voting

Users can now upvote feedback without registering an account.

Company users can enable/disable anonymous voting on a feedback board level.

Go to Settings / Boards and click on the Board that you want to edit.

Internal comments

Company users can now discuss ideas and feedback posts privately within the team.

Logged in company users see internal comments on each feedback post, right next to the external comments.

Post moderation

Company users can now review posts, and accept or reject them, before they are published to the feedback page. Enable this feature if you want to control which posts are shown on your feedback page.

Go to Settings / Company to enable post moderation.

When post moderation is enabled, you can access your review queue from the admin navigation. Approve posts to show them on your feedback page.

We hope you like these new features and the new look of the admin view!

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